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Start it @ KBC

Start it @kbc supports and promotes innovative and scalable entrepreneurship and, with over 370 startups, is Belgium's largest startup community. To achieve this, the community concludes partnerships with organizations and companies that adopt the same pay-it- forward mentality. This way, Start it @kbc is building an ecosystem and a dynamic network of early-stage startups, scale-ups, incubators, accelerators, mentors, VCs, supporting partners and strategic partners.


"Cresco is a premier business law firm for entrepreneurs, companies and investors.

They pride to partner with major bank incubators and accelerators and contribute to the entrepreneurship growth in Belgium with their unique business approach: innovative legal services to meet their clients' advisory, operational, litigation and transactional needs, helping to solve business issues that are fundamental to their clients. They strive to be a firm of choice for promising junior and senior lawyers and they pride to have a balanced gender workforce being one of the few law firms where 2 out of 5 partners are female.

Cresco supports tedxwomenflanders since 2015 as silver partner contributing to tedxwomen mission of supporting women entrepreneurship and spreading ideas worth sharing.”


In an age of constant distraction, a simple reminder to reengage with the present can be your most valuable tool. 

Days race past especially for the ambitious and the adventurous. Remind yourself that time is a luxury with the KOMONO watch Collection. 

Labels & Things

Antwerp based Labels and Things is an European  Asian production house with a branch in Shanghai. Specialized in all kinds of  personalized branding, packaging and accessories for the fashion industry.
"We create identities" is their moto.


Solito Antwerp is young trendy scarves and accessories brand created for the sophisticated ladies of this world.
Their aim is to bright up every woman's day.

Local Store

Localstore was founded with the conviction that food produced by locals is made with more love ande a higher quality. This love you will also be able to retrieve in our housemade food. in our shop you will be able to enjoy this local touch 7 days a week! Welcome sit back and relax! 


A hashtagprinter thats prints your event photos. You can take it home as a souvenir! How does it work? Take a picture with your smartphone, post it on social media with #Tedxwf16 and come and get your free print at the Hasshu stand! It’s great!


CÎME is a young Belgian brand of organic and fair trade skincare products made with high altitude ingredients from the Himalayas. Find a sample of the day & night creams in your goodie bag or drop by the CÎME stand for a delicious hand treatment!


Looking for hair products, skin care and deodorant to leave you looking and feeling beautiful? With tricks, tips, and products built on expert care, Dove can help!


ProNails is a Belgian specialised manufacturer of professional hand, nail and foot care products. A true world brand keen on innovation and quality.

Huis Happaert

A magnificent location, bathed in history, available for hire for meetings and events, such as receptions, diners, seminars or even weekends, in a stylish and inspirational setting. A place to write history yourself.


"Ever wondered what your tampons are made of? Or your pads and panty liners for that matter? Given your vagina is one of the most absorbent parts of your body it's a good question to ask. All Yoni products are made from organic cotton. No plastics. No perfumes. No weird stuff.

What's in the box is on the box.

We think every women should know what she's putting between her legs. So let's break the taboo, ditch the shame and start talking about periods properly.

What's between your legs? Join the conversation at www.yoni.care."

Ginger Love

The story of GingerLove and the Lombardia Drinks begins in 1972 with the opening of the organic dietstore Lombardia in Antwerp by the mother of Alain Indria. After Alain’s pro surfing carier, he began to work in Lombardia and changed it into a healthy diner where you can eat organic, veggy, vegan and raw. Alain created GingerLove and the other Lombardia Drinks as a healthy and tasty alternative for coffee and tea. This resulted in a fantastic experiment of delicious organic blends of pure fruit and herbs. It proofs that being organic can be really rock ‘n’ roll.

Cointreau Fizz

Cointreau Fizz is the cocktail that sparkles with elegance and creativity; it is a unique recipe based on the triple sec Cointreau, lime juice and soda water, that can be endlessly combined with, for example, cucumber, mint, basil, passion fruit, cranberry juice, apple juice, etc.

Cointreau Fizz is offered to you with a personalised concept. We provide a beautiful wooden bar, fully decorated in ‘garden’ style. At this bar the cocktails are served, or your guests are invited to make their own Cointreau Fizz themselves, suited to their tastes and any theme your party may have. 

Extra Vedett Blond

Vedett is a Belgian beer brand with a somewhat different attitude.

"Penguins know why”


Liefmans’ beers are brewed with love and craftsmanship, steeped in the rich tradition of Belgian beer culture.

​Liefmans is made with a combination of light, dark and roasted malt. After fermenting for a week, the beer spends from between two months to a year maturing in our cellars, depending on the type. The typical bitterness, with sweet overtones, is created by blending mature beers with younger brews.

Liefmans is a byword for originality, elegance and quality. Mrs Rosa Merckx, the first and for many years the only female master brewer in Belgium, was at the helm for over 40 years and helped to perfect the unique flavour of Liefmans beers.

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