Daisy Wouters - Warming up inspired by Jamaican Dancehall

Jamaican dancehall is an urban dance style that originated in Kingston (JA). The music and the dance moves are a direct expression of the daily life in Jamaica. Daisy Wouters chose certain existing dancehall moves to accompany the theme of the night: Smile at the obstacle for it is a bridge. #HappyFeet #GiveDemARun #RowDiBoat #ShadySquad #MarieKerida #Bogle At the end of 2012, Daisy Wouters returned to Belgium and started teaching Jamaican dancehall classes and organizing dance workshops with guest teachers. In 2017, she joined the RAW Dancehall team and together they breathed new life into the Belgian Dancehall Queen competition.

Ulrike Reinhard

Ulrike Reinhard is a network enabler who forges direct links that connect people across sectors, disciplines and continents. She’s a public speaker, writer (Google’s THINK QUARTERLY) and an expert in modern communication technologies. With innovative formats, she kick-starts co-creation processes in companies and rural villages for long-term change and pushes her client’s boundaries, initiating cultural change, helping them to reach out to new audiences, strengthen their relationships to all their partners and merge their online and offline activities. Being disruptive is her job. 

Steven Laureys

Steven Laureys MD PhD, author of over 350 scientific papers and several bestselling scientific books, is a neurologist and brain scientist working at the University Hospital and University of Liège, Belgium where he is head of the Coma Science Group and GIGA Consciousness Research Centre. He is a world-leading expert in severe brain injury, chair of the World Federation of Neurology Applied Research Group on Comas and has received the prestigious Francqui Prize (2017). 

Céline Parsoud and Emmanuelle Duez

Céline Parsoud is a young entrepreneur and media specialist who became an "extrapreneure" on digital and gender equality issues after working in the first French media group. In 2017, she founded the start-up Gender Busters, which works with companies to achieve gender equality. Current president for WoMen'Up, she is invested in shattering stereotypes and is the ambassador of a new kind of feminism, both in the workplace and in civil society.

Emmanuelle Duez is a serial entrepreneur who studied non-stop and then created Women’Up in 2011, the first organisation mixing gender and generation topics. She launched The Boson Project in 2013, an atypical and committed consulting firm seeking to understand how human capital is the one thing that can transform organisations in the long run. In 2014, she directed her energy towards the French Navy, where she ranks Enseigne de Vaisseau and is now focusing on building ‘bridges’ between civil society and the Navy.

Sukina Douglas

Sukina Douglas is a Spoken-Word and Hip Hop artist, Workshop Facilitator and Event Organiser. She makes up one half of the Muslim, female, Hip Hop duo, Poetic Pilgrimage and has performed across the UK, Europe, the USA, and North and South Africa with her group, where their intention is to make progressive Hip Hop music that ‘bridges’ their African and Caribbean roots with their musical tastes such as Jazz, Afrobeat, Soul and beyond, providing a novel backdrop to their message of peace, unity, interfaith relations and freedom. 

Sound of Colours

Simon De Cuyper, a freelance pianist and singer and Reinhard Deman, a vocalist and songwriter make up half of the quartet that is Sound of Colours. Sound of Colours in an innovative audio-visual project, which aims to bring musicians together from the most varied backgrounds and cultures, young or old, native or immigrant, and give them the opportunity to speak the universal language of music. Through music, the project designers, Joren Cautaers, Simon De Cuyper, Reinhard Deman and Stef Lenaerts, wish to show the unity of the world beyond its diversity.

Marie Van den Broeck

Marie Van den Broeck is a young, creative entrepreneur and an Industrial Engineer Designer. She loves mastering new skills and is the founder and head of her company My Add On, where she pimps crutches and wheelchairs to not only make them more beautiful, but also user-friendly. Marie invented My Add On's first product and has already won a series of prizes, such as the Reva Nueva Award for most innovative product as well as Student-Entrepreneur 2017 from Unizo and Vlajo. She believes small changes can make a big difference and she hopes to inspire more people to do the same!

Live by Jade Derudder - Dancer K-Roll - Dancer Marie-Louise Wilderijckx

Jade Derudder created a solo dance about the need to communicate and connect with others so together we can build bridges. Other dancers on screen: K-Roll Tilman - Marie Louise Wilderijckx. Jade Derudder left Belgium when she was seventeen to study Pina Bausch's dance theatre in the Netherlands. Her lust for creating and new cultures didn't end when she graduated so she decided to study theatre directing in Brussels and later on furniture design at Central Saint Martins in London. The world of mindfulness and yoga opened up to her at age twenty-four and from then on she's been combining all of her intrests into making her own choreographies and performances.

Special thanks to TaxiWars. Camera and editing: Pieter Deprez

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Ilse De Vis

Ilse De Vis is a talented, multilingual presenter (Dutch, English, French) who kicked-off her career as Belgacom TV’s first digital announcer, where she presented and produced the program ‘Zoom’. She went on to work for the Dutch business TV Channel on various shows and debates as a presenter and has appeared on different panels as a moderator. She’s experienced in navigating various stages and can adapt to new situations easily, which has helped her build up an impressive resume, ranging from company presentations and interviews with Sony, Vlerick Business School, KPMG, Unizo, Q8 and Port of Antwerp to State visits to the Belgian Royal House.


OUR HOST Ilse De Vis


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It is a TEDx event featuring the webcast of TEDWomen.


November 2, 2017 TEDxFlandersWomen will host its #4 event !

TEDxFlandersWomen is one of the 325 events happening around the globe on November 2 that will expand on the ideas brought up at TEDWomen.

TEDWomen is a TED event curated by Pat Mitchell that focuses on women and women’s issues. TEDxWomen events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of TEDWomen, and may also feature local speakers.


We'll broadcast TEDWomen videos on 'premiere"  and we'll spicy the evening with our local program: speakers, special acts, entertainment, surprises and all kind of facilities and good ideas around the theme BRIDGES. 

We build them, we traverse them and sometimes we even burn them for better or worse. How appropriate for Antwerp; a city full of crossings and connections.

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